Hiroshima, Japan, November 2017

Arriving at Hiroshima station we pass by the Peace Memorial, the old Culture Center, that is standing there destructed, as a symbol of the atomic bomb attack in 1945 to Hiroshima. But what is much more impressive is actually a ceremony of the kids that we can watch in front of the Childrens’ Peace Memorial which is very close by.

Kids from all over Japan are visiting this place and singing their songs in memory of Sadako and bringing their colorful paper cranes to this location.

Sadako Sasaki is a 2 year old girl who was living in Hiroshima and injured during the nuclear bomb attack in 1945.

10 years later she gets leukemia , a kind of blood cancer. Due to the affects of the bomb this disease was also called the A-bomb disease in those days.

The girl is very scared to die because of her illness till her friend Chizuko brings her some origami, the old Japanese folding paper .

She is told of a legend where the crane, a sacred bird in Japan, lives for a hundred years, and if a sick person folds 1,000 paper cranes, then that person would soon get well again.

Having heard this legend Sadako decides to fold 1,000 cranes in the hope that she will get well again.

She is folding cranes every day to overcome her illness but after having folded 644 paper cranes she fells peacefully asleep forever..

Sadako’s class mates feel so saddened about the death of their little friend that they organize an initiative and collect money from schools all over Japan and succeed in raising up the Childrens’ Peace Monument in Hiroshima in 1958 for the honor of their classmate, Sadako , and to remember the teriffic affects of a nuclear war.

This is actually the place that we are standing and listening to the young students who are crying and praying for Sadako, bringing their folded cranes and who are reminding us of the war victims of this place.

Their faces are sad, their songs are so sad and so heartbreaking.

It is silent around, everybody is  listening to their ceremony , respecting their deep condolences that they feel for the child which is symbolizing the sorrow for the thousands of people died over here in the war and also after the war .

The song and the scenery is so real, so honest and so heartbreaking…tears are running down our cheeks as we could feel the sorrow with them and are so deeply emotionalized.

What mankind has to suffer sometimes we cannot say in words…it is just a very deep sorrow that we feel with them and the hope that things like those will never happen again anywhere of the world .

Peace for the Country, Peace for the World…

 I skipped showing any photos from inside of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum on purpose as it is really horrifying and rather want to focus on the kids which should symbolize our Hope for the Future.



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