Fiji Hakone, Japan November 2017

A beautiful ride on the boat from Hakone on the Ashi Lake. Weather is sunny though it is November and autums season – temperature is about 20-22 degrees.

Beautiful autum leaves in green , yellow and red colors of the forests around and the Blue of the River. Arriving at the other end of the Lake we take the rope-railway to Owakudani Hot Springs , an active volcanic valley, which is close to the Fuji Mountain and famous for its black eggs.

The black eggs are actually normal eggs which are just boiled in natural spring water over here which contains sulfur and iron. This is why the eggs are getting a black color. Due to the locals it adds 7 years to your life span when you eat those eggs.

Today the Fuji Mountain is foggy and the view is not clear so that we can just see some shadow of the beautiful mountain crown.

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 3.29.20 AM

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