Boat Trip through Heaven, The Backwaters of Kerala, India January 2018



The Kerala backwaters name is given to the picturesque palm-lined region of lagoons, lakes, rivers, and canals that run inland from the coast of Kerala, from Kochi (Cochin) to Kollam (Quilon) and lying parallel to the Arabian Sea. The whole network includes 5 large lakes, linked by natural and man made canals and 38 rivers. The main entry point, situated between Kochi and Kollam, is Alleppey that we are heading today in order to take a boat trip through the backwaters. At the heart of the backwaters is vast Vembanad Lake.

allepey kerala

The local people here in Kerala are using the backwaters for transportation, fishing and agriculture.

We enter our traditional Kerala- type wicker houseboat, also called kettuvallam , which is a boat which was former used to transport rice in this area but then transformed to a elegant and beautiful houseboat.


The water journey that we start will lead us through a different world of lush green landscape, wildlife, houses and sleepy villages f the local people – the boat and the water is very calm and slow, no noise around.


It is so peaceful and quiet around. This part of the world seems to be isolated from the rest of the world and is therefore looking very balanced and very happy.


People are even moving very slowly.

The waterways, the nature, the smiling faces of the local people, the fishermen, life that is circulating here is totally different.

4 hours we stroll around with our houseboat in calm waters.

At one point we leave the boat at a little village to have a look what the fishermen have caught today – fishes and some blue crab – they are satisfied and happy.

Our journey in these waterways is fascinating and very special.


Just before sun dawn we arrive at our hotel resort which is also located directly at the backwaters.

It has his own flair – we are welcomed with flowers, some natural wonderful fruit juice, again smiling eyes.

Thank you for welcoming us in that special landscape of India – we enjoyed it a lot.

Before leaving for dinner we take a bath in our swimming pool right at the backwaters while sun is going down – another beautiful day that comes to an end.


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