With the Dolphins in the Turqouise Waters of Mauritius Island, August 2015

In my todays blogpost I want to tell about one of my favorite spots , Mauritius Island or as it is also called Ile Maurice .

We visited Mauritius in August 2015 – I chose this spot as we were so tired of business , being busy for weeks day and night , being on the road without any pause – we all needed a place far away from the rest of the world , a place to relax and take a rest , to enjoy but in a calm and natural environment.

Actually Mauritius was exactly what I was looking for – our hotel was at the south coast with a room in a beautiful palm garden directly at the turquoise waters of the island .

We had a beautiful view in the morning when we woke up and the first thing that we see was the sun rising in the majestic Indian Ocean.


Mauritius is a multicultural ( African and Indian cultures ) island with a volcanic origin that is located about 2000 km southeast from the African continent , close to Madagascar , northeast to the Reunion Island and southeast of the Seychelles Islands .

In 975 first Arabic tribes were discovering the island , in 1510 it was discovered again – this time by Portuguese explorers. Then it was in the hands of the Dutch , the French and then the British.The island is not that big – about 720 square miles with a beautiful picturesque coastline all around.

The coral reefs of the island are very diverse – there are fringing reefs , barrier reefs , lagoons with patch reefs which are all home to a huge habitat in the ocean.

It is end of winter beginning of springtime on the island – for this reason it is not that crowded.

The water temperature is excellent , it is not too warm. From time to time we have some soft rain on the island or also some wind but even this is beautiful and very romantic .

Every morning after breakfast the first thing to do is to have a bath in the sea and a dive into the turquoise waters -beautiful…


But in the afternoon we are exploring the island into all directions with our little car .

Actually I admire my husband since the routes on the island are tight and the local drivers drive like hell – but he has everything under control.

There is plenty to see everywhere , nature and the views are wonderful – the island is very peaceful.

On one day we have a special plan – actually it is my birthday and by chance we could arrange a private tour with a speedboat out to the ocean.

The goal is to go for some swimming in the ocean with the wild dolphins.

The whole night before, I cannot sleep since I am so excited – we will be in the mid of the open ocean , we will watch out for whales and dolphins and we will swim with them . I am a little nervous since I do not know what to expect and how dangerous it might be . You always need to be careful with the sea especially the sea that you do not know.


In the morning we take our car and leave for the western side of the island , to Flic and Flac and Le Morne. The speedboat and three young men are waiting for us. The weather is perfect.We enter the boat and start our journey.

We pass the coral reefs of the island which look very nice in their turqouise -green colors, the mountain range around looks great – a really beautiful morning.


We pass the outer boarder of the reef , the waves are crashing here and we pass by to the open sea, the Indian Ocean…




While we drive out there we are looking for the whales and the dolphins.

Our guide tells us that yesterday they have seen a whale but for today it seems that there is no whale but the dolphins should be around.


All of a sudden we see a huge swarm of them coming along our boat, they move very fast . We are prepared to go into the water . First my husband and my daughter they dive into the water to observe these sympathetic animals – maybe hundreds of them are in the water – so cute . While my husband and my daughter are swimming the dolphin swarm is moving forward . We restart the motor boat and follow them.



Now it will be my turn – though I am a good swimmer and very much used to the sea, this is absolutely a very different experience.

The ocean underneath is about more than 1000 meters deep. You are in the mid of the Sea . There are huge waves which are very soft – but I have never seen that big waves in my life !The boat that is about 50-100 meters next to us is disappearing when it is between 2 waves one after the other . Huhh… and here we need to dive into the water without any hesitation as otherwise if you even hesitate for a second the dolphins will have moved for some more meters – we need to jump into the water right at the correct time . My hesitation is also how to get back to the boat – since the water is deep , the stairs are tight and steep and there is some wave- it might be a little difficult but I try to overcome these thoughts and trust the guide and his helpers – we will do it!

Yes , the dolphins are coming and my guide asks me to jump immediately into the water what I actually do with a beating heart .I cant help holding the hand of him as it is more than exciting to be in these waters .The beautiful animals are just very few meters from us , maybe 3 m in front of us – so close !



When we dive into the water I can see the endless deep Blue – really endless -the dolphins are passing us by under the sea , hundreds of them …it is taking my breath away … I hear them singing under the water- awesome ! Since the water is also not that clear but a little murky,it is as if you a diving into another world – life is different here – the sounds, the atmosphere -all is in blue shade colors …


An experience that is so unbelievable – what a birthday present for somebody like me who loves the ocean. I do enjoy so much .. the luck is in all cells of my body …what a great day . It was more than worth to overcome the fears and to try the experience .These beautiful animals which look as if they are smiling and living in these waters of the world are so impressive and special.

After minutes of great enjoyment the dolphins again move further.

We go back to the boat and follow them. What a scenery – the endless blue ocean on one side and the green mountain range and the island on the other side , the cuties in between and few other colorful boats and swimmers here and there and the sun just at the top .We stroll around with them in the bay in front of Mauritius Island until the early afternoon till we are really tired.


We decide to go back , we pass the outer reef back to the island , cross the coral reefs and reach out to Flic Flac beach and Le Morne and leave the boat and our guides for today.


We are so happy as we had such a great time and everything went well without any complications.

I always will remember these moments as very special ones in our lives and will never forget the song of the dolphins under the Surface in the Deep Blue .


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