Wedding on Paros Island , Greece August 2018

When I think of Paros actually it reminds me of so many great things.


Paros is the Island of Miracles and Eternity for me .

Let me tell you about our great unforgettable times at Paros Island .

We have been many many times in Greece , we even spent our honeymoon in Rhodes – all trips have been nice but Paros this time was different since it was also linked to a very special event and very special people that we were on the way to meet over here .


Paros Island is a charming little island right in the middle of the Cyclades located somewhere between Mykonos and Santorini Island . It is about 75 square miles big and the third biggest island in the Cyclades.


During the centuries Paros was under the rule of Peleponnes tribes, Spartanian, Macedonians ,Romans , Venetians, Ottomans and became a part of Greece in 1821.


Throughout the centuries Paros was famous for its marble that was part of the trade with the Phoenecians and Byzanthines and the Parian Marble was used in ancient cities like Delphi , Delos and Sounio at the Temple of Poseidon.


Parikia is the capital of the island with its cute little port which is the landing point of all the ferries coming in from Piraeus or from the other Cyclades like Naxos or Santorini and bringing many local people as well as tourists to this place.


People are coming with their cars , with their motorbikes or by feet .Once you stand at the pier and watch the people leaving the ferry it is a joyful and noisy melting pot of people in many colorations, families with little kids , local people coming in from Athens to their summer houses , young couples , people coming in with their surfboards or guitars or bikes ….

All of a sudden the little port with its windmill becomes very crowded but in a minute everybody disappears somewhere on the island and the little port is quiet and peaceful again .

What a great feeling to be here – we are so joyful and curious , since especially this year I read a lot of articles about Paros . It is an island that is a touristic destination since the 1960s…


We are driving to Naoussa , a former little fisher village , a cute location to stay over here.

We arrive at our hotel which is a small boutique one in the typical style of cycladian white houses right at a natural beach that is just in front of our door and with the view to Naoussa .Cute little fisher boats are floating here in the blue of the beautiful sea just at the side and everything looks so unreal .


I have the feeling that we arrived in a virtual world since everything is small and in a kind of retro style , the yellow umbrellas , the blue -white striped sun beds , even some of the people and the little boats .The wind is blowing – the wind is so fresh – the breeze is so nice – you can smell the salt in the air .It is a hot summer day and what can be better than being at such a nice place at the beach that you share with just very few people – there is nearly nobody around . The beach is yours 🙂



The next day in the morning when we wake up we leave for a cute little but gorgeous breakfast on the terrace .Everything is fresh , natural and tasty – it is so delicious .




After having enjoyed the morning session and our first swim for the day we leave for exploring the island .

There are such nice places over here – actually each bay is a natural beach which looks different from each other – windy beaches , quiet beaches , beaches which come across your road that you drive and beaches which are hidden behind bushes , trees , creeks , sandy roads .The water is crystal clear and you can just get out of your car , 2 steps and you are in the water . This is what makes it so unique and special as there are no huge hotel chains , beach bars with loud music dominating the waterfront .


We drive to Santa Maria Beach first and then all along the coastline .



For lunch we enjoy the great and light food – the Greek salad is a Must every day .But the melon salad is also very tasty and fresh for the summer days .

The seafood and the fish is also a Must every day – mussels , squid , fried or grilled Calamari, octopus ,shrimps – it is so fresh and delicious.


Certainly you also need to have some Meze like Tarama , Humus ,Tzaziki etc which are common for the Aegean region.

During our round trip we have great views , we see pine trees , fruit trees , little churches and cathedrals on our road and just step out where we like to have a closer look or a dip into the water to cool down and enjoy .


We drive to Parikia , to Faragas and all the bays along the seaside .



At the late afternoon on our way back to our hotel we arrive at Ampelas which is also a very quite and picturesque village with nice little fish restaurants and cafes . The fishermen hang out the fresh Octopus already.


We are very excited as the reason why we are in Paros is a very special event – friends will have their marriage here on the island at the weekend.

It is the marriage of 2 princes .

We cant wait to meet them and to take part at the celebrations which will be very special and perfectly organized since a very long time.

Time has finally come and we meet for the wedding celebration at the seaside in Ampelas.

The natural beach is nicely decorated with a white pergola, hearts and sunflowers for the wedding celebration .The weather is perfect – a very slight wind for the sunset and no waves for not disturbing the celebration that is on the way to come.


One by one the guests from allover the World are arriving at the venue – people from Sweden , Denmark , Germany , the USA, Britain , Hong Kong , South America , Turkey and Greece to name some of them .


It is such a great community of people , families with their little kids , real friends , the Greek family and what is common to all of them is the deep Love and Respect that they feel for this special couple .


All have come a very long way since they know how important this day is for these two very kind and gentle persons that they were waiting for so long. The guests are here to show their support and their deep participation and feelings for the destiny of both and to wish them GOOD LUCK for the life that is to come.


All is so nicely prepared , all the flowers , the welcoming board , the wonderful decorated tables , all in white , yellow and blue colors – the live music playing in the background , the welcome on the faces of the Greek Family – the people in the background , the organizers , the helping hands that try to make it a unique and perfect ceremony and some happy moments not to forget.

We sit down on our chairs that are arranged on the beach in a half moon surrounding the pergola.

The music starts and one of the princes appears and is walking down the beach in the arms of his friends – they look like angels – accompanying him on his way . They are touched, full of happiness and deep emotions. Tears are running.

He went through many many long years of difficulties , serious illnessess , losses of the family , facing death for so many times -having suffered for such a long time – such a gentle person .

While he waits in there, the music continues playing “You raise me up” by Josh Groban… In the arms of his beautiful sister the other prince is walking in and coming down the stairs to the beachside and both meet over there in their great appearance – full of light , tears running down their cheeks and in their eyes , hand in hand at the top of their emotions.


The ceremony starts and they read their love and life letters to each other in front of the community .From time to time the emotions are getting so deep that tears are rolling and they cant read the letters , need to stop , take a breathe and continue .

While we are all silently listening to them and being part of that great moment of their lives we are also more than touched .It is like a heavenly ceremony as everything is so perfect – the blue sky and the white clouds and the sun slowly going down at the beautiful beach of Paros Island , the white balloons raising into the sky , the white pigeons flying high , 2 princes hand in hand with their rings on their fingers which will carry them to eternity , the white wooden hearts and the sunflowers as the symbol for the prince of the “sunshine ” and hope , the sand corns of the 2 home countries flowing into each other in the sand glass for not being separated any more , the seeds being planted into the soil …


There is silence and they are celebrating their wedding and their love for each other which have been so far away for so long – nearly impossible to reach out .

We are all sitting there, listening to them, to each word they say like a prayer and the fantastic music in the background- it is as if we are all in a movie – the community is also perfect – all the people look great – you know that each of them is honest , proud , human , open minded ,progressive and so embracing.

We all feel proud and blessed to be here and enjoy at the utmost of our emotions to be part of this great ceremony .We all have our tears in our eyes and hearts since we know their story .

The long wedding ceremony comes to an end when the sun is down and they are finally married and united forever …


After all , the dinner and the party starts – we meet each other on the stage in the later hours for some international and Greek music and dance.


I have to say that for my person , I never have been part of such an emotional wedding ceremony for my lifetime and I have never cried and had so many tears in my eyes at a wedding ever . I learnt a lot in these few hours about mankind , about feelings that we do not know , about other people , about tolerance , empathy , respect and happiness that everybody deserves equally and about society and family.


I learnt a lot and was witness of a great community that was embracing, that was loving, that was honest , human and on a high level of civilization- a wonderful day that I will never forget – moments where I even cry today when I think of them.


Moments of Tragedy , Hope and Happiness ,Celebration and Love in One .


For this reason I will always remember Paros Island as an island of the two princes’ wedding ceremony and their way to Fulfillment, Eternity and Love which will always have a very special place in my heart…

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