Country of the beautiful Fyords – Norway

When travelling to Europe for sure each and every corner , each and every country is really nice to visit and to explore but for myself one of the unique countries in Europe is Norway !

Norway – the country of the most beautiful fyords is for sure to mention in a special chapter .

For me the best time to explore Norway is in June and July when it is summer and by a ship as the best way to explore the fyords is from the seaside .

Our journey starts in Kiel , in Germany where we are going to enter our ship that will drive us for a week from Kiel to Copenhagen ,Stavanger, Bergen ,Flam ,Alesund, Geirangerfyord , Kristiansund , Trondheim , Tromso  and then back to Oslo and to Kiel again .

Maybe I should first explain what a fyord is .

A fyord is a long, narrow inlet with steep sides or cliffs, created by a glacier .

Fyords can be seen in countries like Norway , Alaska , Greenland , British Columbia , Chile and Iceland .

Since Norway has a long coastline that is about 22,000 km long there are thousands of fyords along this coast .

2 of them are even that famous and special that they are a Unesco World Heritage since 2005 , the Geirangerfyord and the Naeroyfyord .

To drive along this superbeautiful coastline of Norway is really gorgeous – to visit the little fishermen villages with their colorful houses , their little markets , the nice cafes and restaurants and cute little ports .

One of our highlights during this trip for sure is the visit of the Geirangerfyord .

We were so excited as we have seen such mindblowing pictures of this gorgeous location .

Since huge ships cant access this fyord as it is quite narrow we are leaving the ship and moving to Helelsylt to take another boat that is bringing us from Hellesylt to the worldfamous Geirangerfyord that is so fascinating pictoresuqe you cant believe !

We were happy to have a gorgeous weather that is not always usual in Norway – any time there could be clouds and heavy rain but we were having a lucky day and the sun is shining .

We enter the boat that will take us from one end to the other end of the fyord .The cliffs are steep , the water is deep .

The colors are so beautiful – the green of the shore and the environment and the deep blue of the water . The waterline is very calm while we are driving into the fyord .on ourway we see the falls that are so typical for the shores of Norway in these montths whene the snow of the glaciers is melting and the water is dropping from all the rocky mountains .ending up in the fyords and in the rivers in the area .

Here we can watch the Fall of the Seven Sisters which is very famous . The fall here is located on a height of 400 meter and the water is freely falling from a height of 250 meter in 7 different waterways . It looks outstanding when you drive along this beautiful coastline .It looks so unreal and so faulous .

Once we arrive at the end of the Fyord we are going for a lunch in this cute little village .

A restaurant is organized with a wonderful view down to the fyord in mid of all the green . We have an open buffet with delicious salmond and cod fish , meat from close farming houses , potato and green salad , some great soup and local vegetable .After our meal we get some Danish desert together with some good coffee.

This meal and the ambiance and location of the restaurant was so outstanding that I could never forget the good taste and quality of this nice restaurant and this wonderful day in this worldfamous fyord .

While we eat our lunch it is silently raining outside …

A second highlight on our tour for sure is our trip to the beautiful city of Bergen where we want to attend a trip with Flam the famous railway .

We drive first to Flam and enter this traditional , beautiful train that has its roots actually in the 1940s .

The Flam railway trip is one of the most steepest railways in Europe as it starts on sealevel and goes up to 900 m and this is why parts of the railway are quite steep .The length of the trip is about 20 km and takes about 1 hour .The train is taking you via lots of beautiful natural sceneries along the riverside , along strong falls dropping down the high cliffs , through 20 historical tunnels and through all tones of green that you might be able to imagine !

There is just one stop on our trip that is Kjosvossen laid at the Kjosvossen Fall .Once you leave the train to exlore the falls for a few minutes a surprise is waiting for you 🙂

A young balerin dressed in an orange light dress is dancing in front of the white water of the falls due to a nice classical music with a violin .While wathcing this balerin you also get totally wet from the wild water of the fall .It looks so gorgeous and just after a few minutes the train is calling you to enter the wagons again as it will move forward .The ceremony is so impressive as you have the feeling that it was not real what you have seen .

When you then arrive at Myrdala and the trip ends you are just feel blessed and be blended by this outstanding railtrip.

Like these 2 examples actually each and every corner that we are going to explore in this beautiful country is worth to see – the littel fisher villlages , the summer houses of the local people in Christiansund , Oslo the capital city with its wiking museum , with its beautiful ….. park , with its gorgeous Operahouse at the Pier – somany things to see and to enjoy .

Especially with the ship it is joyable to do such a trip , especially when you also have a kind of balcony at your room . Whenever we enter a fyord or leave a fyord we pass by the colorful little houses of the local people and they are never tired to wave their hands or flags while the ship is moving along the coast .

Most important for a trip in Norway is that you always have a good raincoat with you as even in summertime there might be some rain ie heavy rain any time anywhere but this is also why the country is so green !

If you have the chance to go even more north you also have the opportunity to see the green Northern Lights or also some type of whales.

What is also blessing in summer in this part of the world are the white nights that you have . It means the daylight is very long , up to 19 hours in June and July and nighttime is only 5 hours . This is why you can enjoy to be on the ship deck at midnight and it is like daytime and you can watch the sea and the horizon .

While I am writing you all these stories I find out how much I miss these trips and remember how great moments they have been .

I definitely recommend anybody to visit this part of the world one day and hope that you will also have similar great impressions and memories of this country and its beautiful nature and fyords .

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