St Thomas and St Martin Island, Virgin Islands, April 2019

Waking up one morning in the Virgin Islands and preparing to chill around in the Islands is a gorgeous idea , I have to say .


It is early in the morning when we wake up at St Thomas Island and get to the port .A warm welcome by some colorful and happy Caribbean dancers is cheering up .It is a nice start into the day as the blue bays in the Virgin Islands are well known and I am so curious to see and experience those .

We leave the harbor area to take our car to drive around the island – our final destination actually will be the famous Magens Bay on the island .


The bays look gorgeous on pictures and since we love nature , the seaside and swimming it is our top destination over here.


With our car we drive up the hill slopes and enjoy beautiful views of the island. We are here in mid of the Caribbean Ocean approx. 65 km east from Puerto Rico and Thomas Island is the chief island of the Virgin islands and is of volcanic origin.


The vegetation on the island looks quite wild as if it is forgotten and lost . The trees and the ground is full of some recognizable reptiles .They really look as if from ancient times and don’t move in the sun .

The destructions caused by Hurricane Irma in 2017 are partly still visible – one church that we pass by on our way is totally disrupted .The islands still try to recover from the damages that were caused by the hurricanes in the past years .


We stroll around with our car and our friends and get out here and there to take some pictures of the beautiful views around .

From the top of one of our stops you can see the Blue of the nice Magens Bay down there .


People should not expect too much from those islands as the most attractive part is actually really the seaside and the blue bays .

After a 1.5 hours drive around the whole island finally we arrive at our destination at Magens Beach – this is such an amazing loaction with crystal clear waters .


It is really hot and there are quite some people around . It is an issue to get a place with an umbrella or with some shadow under a tree as it is impossible to stay under the direct sun .


As usual I can’t wait and definitely need to go immediately into the water – such a beauty needs to be enjoyed .


You feel as if you are in a painting – the Blue of the Water , the Blue of the Sky , the Green of the Trees around and the White sand of the Beach. It looks like perfect paradise.

The colors and the crystal clear water are fabulous .


We are so tired and it is so relaxing to be here in that quiet nature.

Pelicans are passing by our heads and splashing again and again with joy into the water . We have really fun together .


Our place at the beach is wonderful and we order some nice piñacolada and adore the very pleasant moments together here with some friends.



It is a luck that we have the whole day to swim here and to love this view .



On the following day we land at St Martin which also belongs to the Virgin Islands and which is a divided island since 1648 . Divided means one half of the island is Dutch while the other half is French . The Dutch part of the Island belongs to the Kingdom of Netherlands while the French part officially today is a part of the EU .

In 2017 St Martin was also hit by the hurricane Irma and major parts of both sides of the island were destroyed or seriously damaged as well .


Today the weather is somehow cloudy and dark but I also like this type of weather very much . We have a nice Catamaran , nice people on the boat , great Caribbean music in the background and a full day to enjoy the bays around .

We leave the port and sail along the shore . This island is also empty and seems that there is not too much vegetation and green around .


In one of the first bays we can swim and dive but since the weather is dark , it is difficult to see anything in the ground and somehow I think I will be freezing when getting out .

No , I better wait for the next stop .

While some of the guests are swimming , we enjoy some drinks and some snacks – how comfortable and joyful it is to sit her and watch the surrounding and the sea and the seagulls flying around .

While we move on sailing along the coastline we see the planes landing on the island one by one.


The airport on St Marteen is very well known as it is a special one . The so-called Princess Juliana Airport is located at Maho Beach which is on the Dutch side of the island.

Maho Beach is a famous place for plane watchers and tourists to watch the aircrafts landing at the airport as they just pass Maho Beach very closely . Some call it spectacular and some call it scary but actually it is quite dangerous to stand so close to the landing apron of the aircrafts. On the one hand it is quite loud when an aircraft is landing and you stand below and on the other hand during the landing of an airplane you can be blown away and even get hurt as the power is very strong .

From our boat we can watch the planes landing one after the other which is quite exiting .


Slowly the sun is beginning to show its face and it is getting also warmer and here we are – arriving at Mullet Bay Beach -it is also sandy , long and white .

People are sitting there with their colorful umbrellas .


Yes , now it is my turn – nobody will be able to hold me diving and springing into this water .

The color is jade green and sometimes blueish -partly you can see some middle size black fish around .


From our catamaran to the shore there is quite some difference . The water is so soft . It is not that crowded at the beach and to have a view from the shore to the sea should be also nice . I also need to feel the sand under my feet as I made the experience that the feeling everywhere is totally different . Sometimes the sand is very soft like velvet .If you stand on sand which is coral sand then your feet will never burn since coral sand is always cooling as the consistence is different . It is also about the energy that the sand , the soil or the stone or even a tree or flower is giving to me .

To be one with nature is one of the best feelings that you can have – you just need to open up your senses and listen , see or feel .

Once when I was in Australia , visiting the Uluru , I told our guide that I want to touch it .

He was just looking into my eyes and did not understand my request .

I said , I want to touch the ULURU .Then we did it and touched this mighty great rock which is so holy for the Aborigines and I just tried to get the energy and to understand their history and faith and I have to admit that it was a wonderful experience . The rock was so cool – I will never forget this special feeling . This is why experiencing is also touching nature for me …

Half a day we are swimming in the bay , enjoying the water .

Yes, it is a gift to be here – in mid of really nowhere – far away from greater civilization .


Here you are just in mid of the Atlantic Ocean neighboring the Caribbean between few small islands with small settlements , thats it .


In the afternoon we need to leave Mullet beach as we are going to leave St Martin island but the clouds are back again , the wind is beginning to be really harsh .The sky is going to be dark grey , the sails are bursting in the wind but everybody on the boat is so happy , singing with the music and listening to the wind and the waves which are clashing loudly to our catamaran.


We had a great day and while we are returning to the port , we watch the spectacular game of Mother nature with water . It is raining , we begin to become totally wet but we have our bathsuits on . It feels like being purified- so good  for our souls .

It is nice to remember that you will be soon under your warm shower , have a bath , get warm and clean , be sitting protected and covered on your boat and you feel so well and so glad .

Nature is so gorgeous …. thank you for letting us be part of it .

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